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About EPSi

Healthcare systems face increasingly complex demands on their financial organizations. New market requirements are forcing organizations to analyze more data than ever. Hospitals need to address complicated business needs including bundled payments, accountable care organizations, value-based care, population health, increasing labor costs and integration across product lines.

It’s not business as usual anymore. In today’s market, a hospital’s financial, operational and clinical leaders need to incorporate, analyze and utilize data across the entire episode of care to drive the organizational transformation required to succeed.

EPSi is the industry leader in integrated financial decision support, budgeting, and planning solutions for the healthcare industry. More than 900 hospitals in the U.S., including nine of the top 10 rated hospitals, 128 IDN systems, and 40 global academic facilities rely on EPSi for data-driven insight into managing costs and improving their long-range financial performance.

Senior Leadership

EPSi Tim Rutledge Chief Product Strategist

Tim Rutledge

Chief Product Strategist

Steve Sedlock

Chief Growth Officer

James Gain EPSi Hospital

James Gain

SVP of Solutions and Technology Development

Scott Peterson EPSi Director Support

Scott Peterson

Director of Support

Roger Bullerdick EPSi Director of Knowledge Content

Roger Bullerdick

Director of Knowledge Content

Mike Grimsley Development Director EPSi

Mike Grimsley

Director of Development

Ryan Self

Director of Professional Services

Ralph Keiser CEO

Ralph Keiser, CEO

Ralph leads the EPSi team. His 33-year industry track record as a healthcare information technology executive includes building and managing high-growth teams in public and private technology companies ranging from start-ups (EPSi, @Outcome, Synthesys) and private equity/venture capital owned corporate turnarounds to large public companies (Cerner, Eclipsys). In 2013, he joined Deloitte Consulting as a Director to help launch and lead their ConvergeHealth technology portfolio business.

As CEO, Ralph is responsible for the vision and direction of EPSi. He is renowned for his expansive knowledge of the industry and his wise counsel.

Standing out in a crowd

You’ll be able to pick Ralph out of the crowd because he’ll be the guy requesting all the Stevie Ray Vaughan songs.

Outside of work

Outside of business hours, Ralph gets up really early (which is his secret to staying five steps ahead of everyone else), listens to live music in his beloved Austin, TX and practices the art of Iaido. Because nothing brings focus like playing with a sharp blade.

EPSi - Tim Rutledge Chief Product Strategist

Tim Rutledge, Chief Product Strategist

Tim has over 35 years of Healthcare Decision Support expertise. He has operational experience with a major academic medical center, helped to build, sell and install budgeting and cost accounting applications with Price Waterhouse, and was a principal in two successful decision support startups. He was an original co-founder and CEO of EPSi and lead the company to market leader status until he left in 2011 after EPSi was acquired by Eclipsys and, subsequently, Allscripts.

Tim then worked as an independent consultant with various companies on corporate strategy, product positioning/strategy and product development. Tim is now focused on bringing to market next generation product strategy and innovation at EPSi.

Standing out in a crowd

You’ll be able to pick Tim out of the crowd because he’s the one everyone is listening intently to.

Outside of work

Outside of business hours, Tim explores the oceans in search of his next great fly fishing experience, and photographs grizzly bears and other exotic wildlife.

John Gragg COO EPSi

John Gragg, COO

John is an experienced healthcare consulting leader and a 30-year veteran of decision support systems and data warehousing/business intelligence for the healthcare provider market. His track record includes selling, directing, and managing several of the largest DSS rollouts in the industry (HCA and Sutter).

John pioneered leading edge decision support practices in his consulting career, including product line budgeting, RVU development testing, and decision support balancing governance, and for four years was a managing director at Deloitte. John has held numerous, key senior executive positions for leading HIT and DSS vendors (HMS, Cerner, EPSi, Eclipsys) and played instrumental roles in their successes and growth.

At EPSi, John manages finance, operations, services and solution delivery. John’s passionate about making an impact in this industry.

Standing out in a crowd

You’ll be able to pick John out of the crowd because he’s the one doing the listening.

Outside of work

Outside of business hours, John stays up late building and wiring his own computers.  When he’s not busy making sure his clients get the most value from their decision support implementations, you can find him tweaking his latest hardware creation.

John Lee CTO

John Lee, CTO

John brings extensive software product development, strategy, technology architecture and data center management leadership experience to every project he takes on. His broad leadership background includes roles at, Microsoft and Sybase, in addition to his time as Vice President of Oracle’s Health Sciences Business Unit, CIO role at MedeAnalytics, and VP of engineering at Greenplum (EMC company).  

Most recently, as the CTO of Cal INDEX, he implemented a California statewide Health Information Exchange on the AWS cloud hosting 10 million patient records. John is known for his deep expertise in using technology to solve complex problems.

Standing out in a crowd

You’ll be able to pick John out of the crowd because he’ll be holding a very large coffee cup.

Outside of work

Outside of business hours, John can be seen wearing worn Levi’s 501 jeans and a biker-wannabe leather jacket, accompanied by a dog of unknown breed.

Steve Sedlock, Chief Growth Officer

Steve is the sales, business development and marketing leader at EPSi. With a successful track record spanning more than 25 years in healthcare technology, Steve consistently drives value creation, operational excellent and market leadership for the companies he serves. He has particular expertise in creating new revenue streams, capturing market share, and improving operational efficiency. While at Mediware Information Systems, he helped increase its stock price five-fold prior to the company being taken private; and increased annual revenues from $36 million to more than $200 million.

As CGO, Steve is responsible for setting the goals for the sales team, developing strong relationships with clients to assure maximum value and ROI, driving market strategy and creating new market opportunities for EPSi with strategic business partnerships.

Standing out in a crowd

You’ll be able to pick Steve out of a crowd because he’s the tall, curious one absorbing everything that’s happening.

Outside of work

When he’s not forecasting and creating value, Steve is at the basketball court, either watching or coaching his three children (middle school, high school and college-age) as they play to win.

James Gain, SVP of Solutions and Technology Development

James is a seasoned, technology-focused builder and leader with deep experience building technology solutions, implementing new processes and building software products for Fortune 50 organizations in the healthcare, management consulting, and financial sectors. He comes to EPSi with a wealth of healthcare technology experience, most recently at PatientPoint, where he was CTO and CIO.
At PatientPoint, James built out a care coordination platform, interactive patient engagement solution for the exam room, mobile products, and focused on enhancing, improving internal IT operations and processes. Prior to his tenure at PatientPoint, James spent almost seven years at Optum, where he started as an IT manager and advanced quickly to build teams, build processes and build products in the consumer, payer and provider, and government markets.

Standing out in a crowd

You’ll be able to pick James out of a crowd because of his ability to speak with enthusiasm and knowledge about topics ranging from the philosophy of The OA to astrology to religion to politics to baseball.

Outside of work

Outside of business hours, James claims to be the only Cubs fan in Minnesota. He also likes to run, although these days most of his running is after his three children on and off the golf course! He loves to stay busy and thrives on chaos.

Scott Peterson, Director of Support

Scott is the leader of the support team at EPSi. Most recently, he led the support organization at United Health Group’s OptumInsight. He spent nearly a decade at Target, where he focused on operational leadership. While there, he developed a corporate-wide initiative to ensure executives were aligned with property management teams to deliver world-class shopping experiences for Target customers.
Scott’s goal and vision for the EPSi support organization is to grow and strengthen our ability to deliver world-class service with a clear focus on our customers. A big believer in collaboration, Scott is focused on collaboration between support and development to inspire excellence and knowledge sharing between these two important organizations.

Standing out in a crowd

You’ll be able to pick Scott out of a crowd because of his fierce dedication to the official state sport of Minnesota: ice hockey.

Outside of work

Outside of business hours, literally every month of the year, you might find Scott on a golf course. He recently achieved his goal of golfing every month of the year in his home state of Minnesota.

Roger Bullerdick Director of Knowledge Content

Roger Bullerdick, Director of Knowledge Content

Roger has extensive experience working at Allscripts in sales and professional services. He is devoted to ensuring customers’ success with financial decision-making solutions through training and support.

Roger leads EPSi University, a curriculum designed to empower customers to get the most out of their EPSi installation and build their careers. His experience in EPM software from the implementation, consulting, account management and solutions side gives him a broad point of view of customer needs.

He earned his MBA from Webster University, and his colleagues and customers know him for his ability to make the complex simple and understandable.

Standing out in a crowd

You’ll be able to pick Roger out of the crowd because the people around him are laughing at his latest joke.

Outside of work

Roger enjoys being active outdoors. He is a train enthusiast who proudly displays his father’s prized Lionel train set in his home office.

EPSi - Mike Grimsley

Mike Grimsley, Director of Development

Mike leads the development team for EPSi. With deep experience as a consultant, developer and project leader, Mike developed the EPSi core system. He’s been with EPSi for 17 years and is the longest-tenured employee.

Mike has worked in many positions at EPSi and has extensive knowledge of the product, architecture and business domains. He builds on his experience in the finance and software field working for Edward Jones and Mitchell Humphrey Software and has consulted with AT&T/Southwestern Bell, MEMC and Express Scripts.

Standing out in a crowd

You’ll be able to pick Mike out of the crowd because he’s at both the Grateful Dead and the Pearl Jam shows.

Outside of work

When he’s not busy solving problems at work, Mike spends time seeking out adventures from fishing at a secluded (and secret) lake in Canada to perfecting his meat-smoking technique.

Ryan Self, Director of Professional Services

Ryan leads the EPSi consulting practice. His main goal is to ensure that clients fully leverage their EPSi software by creating solutions to address their most pressing business challenges so they can get the most out of their investment. Since joining EPSi in 2016, Ryan has grown the management consulting team exponentially, reflecting the need our clients have to develop innovative solutions to ensure that they’re successful in controlling costs, guiding organizational strategy, and making sound financial decisions.

He joined the team from Deloitte Consulting, where he spent more than six years in the healthcare consulting practice managing work focused on margin improvement, strategic, and decision support. Clients benefit from his and his team’s experience at some of the most prestigious consulting firms in the industry, including Accenture, PWC, and Deloitte.

Standing out in a crowd

You’ll be able to pick Ryan out of a crowd because he’s the one laughing, sincerely, at everyone’s jokes.

Outside of work

Ryan enjoys traveling the world with his family on epic adventures, from climbing mountains in Nepal to scuba diving off the coast of New Zealand to wine tasting in South Africa to going on safaris in Tanzania – where he learned the correct pronunciation of “Tanzania.”