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AWS re:Invent brings EPSi together with technology leaders for innovation and transformation

Jan 9, 2020EPSi News

EPSi’s development and marketing teams had a busy week at the annual AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas recently. This massive gathering of 65,000+ technology innovators gathered to hear about AWS’s latest releases, get trained on cutting-edge skills, and connect with leaders in the AWS Partner Network.

Among the big announcements this year is the launch of SageMaker Studio, a new tool that gives developers a web-based interface where they can build, train, and deploy machine learning models.

Among the sessions EPSi attended were leadership and technology presentations on best practices in architecting cloud solutions and a session on using data analytics to improve the quality of healthcare for various populations by Wilson To, Worldwide Heald of Healthcare Business Development, and Ryan Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Population Health, Cerner.

EPSi CTO Grant Gordon led a large group from the EPSi technology team at AWS re:Invent this year to hear about innovations and get access to training for their AWS certifications. Gordon reports back on innovation announcements that EPSi will leverage in developing its RealCost cloud-based software. “EPSi and AWS have formed a wonderful collaboration together, and being able to tap into the continuing wave of innovation is why re:invent is so important for our teams. Being able to see first-hand how new features like SageMaker Studio for machine learning, enables us to plan for EPSi product enhancements as we match the pace of change.”

Gordon was also impressed with the new features and tool sets that allow developers to approach their job in a modular way and speed development of software improvements. “Machine learning is really hard without an army of data scientists and DL/ML-savvy developers. SageMaker Studio has the ability to replace many other components and toolsets that exist today for building, training, explaining, inspecting, monitoring, debugging, and running in a user-friendly – and developer-friendly – manner. Our data science team is going to enjoy having the additional time provided by Studio to create new opportunities for our clients.”

AWS also announced several new features around the important topics of security, identity, access management, and compliance. “These are always huge for us, with any new improvements and features as AWS helps set the standard. We’re certainly going to be drawing upon them, making sure that our cloud instances continue to exceed SOC 2 certification standards by managing identity and access management through the latest and greatest tool sets.”

EPSi is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.