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EPSi Launches COVID-19 Planning Analytics tool

Apr 27, 2020EPSi News

The current market represents an unprecedented and unpredictable time in the healthcare industry.  Spikes in clinical need require daily, dynamic pivoting in resource allocations and program offerings.  There is an unmet market need for analytics that do not simply regurgitate warehoused data in different views, but instead enable leaders with the ability to rapidly respond to changes in market conditions.

EPSi’s COVID-19 Planning Analytics tool is a web-based, public application designed and created for health systems to dynamically forecast and plan for local market COVID-19 conditions leveraging national, state, and county level data along with advanced analytic techniques developed by EPSi.  The analytics package includes five independent analyses focused on answering the tough questions being asked by health system leaders across the country – When will we run out of ICU capacity?  What is the financial burden of COVID and how does this change with duration?  When can I resume elective procedures?  How much do I need to reduce costs in my remaining budget to return to baseline?


  • Current Market Insights – Provides state and county level detail into current COVID-19 cases and deaths, changes over time, and frequency indexed by populous. Also enables the ability to compare growth rates between states, normalized to ‘Day 1’, along with analyze volume and growth rate changes based upon various time periods.
  • Case Projections – Leverage multiple forecasting techniques to model out COVID-19 cases, admissions, and patient days by accommodation code. Compare results against bed capacity to determine shortages by accommodation code along with anticipated dates in which capacity is restored to backfill the beds and begin the road to revenue recovery.
  • Financial Planning – Project out daily NPSR, cash, expense burn, and ultimately margin for insights into the financial impacts and ramifications of COVID-19 cases.
  • Operational Planning – Similarly, project out daily staffing, vent, and PPE needs to ensure adequate planning and resource availability.
  • Arc of the Possible – Study the ‘Arc of the Possible’ to understand the effort required to bring the health system back to financial recovery and the appropriate balance of energy between expense reduction with margin growth efforts.


If you’d like to access the EPSi COVID-19 Planning Analytics tool, it is available at no cost to EPSi clients for the next 90 days through generous sponsorships by our partners at AWS and Tableau, who have underwritten the cost of the technology. You may designate two (2) users at your organization to access the tool by registering at: https://epsi.io/go/covid-19-analytics/  After registering, each user will receive an email with a login and help guide that details how to use the tool.

To read the press release, please follow the link https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200430005291/en/EPSi-Releases-Covid-19-Planning-Analytics-Tool