EPSi continues to innovate with major v16 releases | EPSi

The ability to integrate physician data, HIPAA audit logging and greatly improved performance and reporting are just a few benefits EPSi customers who are upgrading to v16 are experiencing. Reporting enhancements, improved security and permissions, and augmented graphics capabilities are all part of what users get with the latest version of EPSi’s solutions.

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Advancement of value based care capabilities further promote Decision Support, Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning across the entire continuum of care with a focus on Physician Practice Performance Management.

  • Strategic Product Budgeting Advancements
  • Additional Charge UDFs
  • Physician Type Additions on Charge Table
  • Single Load of Physician Table for All Facilities
  • Clinical Analysis Enhancements
  • Bundled Payment Enhancements

Contract Modeling Method Enhancements for US and State Medicare Programs

Continued monitoring, testing, and compliance with software security and data security programs and controls.

Product features

  • Clinical analysis readmit improvements
  • Contract modeling updates phase 1
  • PLA data improvements quick wins
  • PLA UI improvements quick wins
  • Capital reporting graphs with Ignite UI
  • SPB quick wins

Platform enhancements

  • NetSPi security remediation efforts for Critical/High
  • Ability to email reports
  • EMD Corda removal phase 1
  • Installer improvement by speeding up charge data conversion process
  • Bug fixes

EPSi goes live with upgrades and enhancements several times a year; the next upgrade is scheduled for August 15. You can learn more by talking with the EPSi team.

Among the upgrades:

  • More robust archiving capabilities
  • Reporting enhancements, including:
    • Relative Dating
    • Shared Patient Searches
    • Boolean Logic to Define List Groups
    • Report Descriptions
  • Charge Record Business Key Fields
  • Bundled Payments
  • Updates to Job Class Budgeting
  • Ability to email reports and copy Data Studio schedule