Get future-ready today. Upgrade now to get the most benefits from your EPSi investment. | EPSi Healthcare Financial Decision Support
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Get future-ready today. Upgrade now to get the most benefits from your EPSi investment.

Apr 11, 2019EPSi News

EPSi clients who upgrade get better performance, faster application performance times, scheduled reporting, simplified cost transfers and calculation, increased productivity, and reduced costs. They are also prepared for an accelerated transition to cloud-based solutions.

Every upgrade brings you new functionality, the latest improvements, and enhanced usability.

Are you considering an update for your EPSi solutions? If not, you should be.

Upgrading to the latest version of EPSi doesn’t have to be intimidating – our upgrade experts have streamlined the process and support your team at every step of the way. Plus, when you have the latest version of EPSi solutions, you get access to on-demand webinars, self-paced online training via our client success portal, and instructor-led Centralized Training from our team of consultants.

If you’re considering moving to the cloud via our RealCost platform, upgrading now means you’ll be prepared for a smooth transition to the many benefits of the cloud-based solutions. Set your organization up for success, now and in the future. Contact us today so we can bring you into the latest version of EPSi.


EPSi 16.0 to 18.3


  • Improved Accuracy in Contract Modeling and Reporting
  • Streamlined Data Manipulation with Data Extender
  • Simplified Cost Transfers and Calculation
  • Improved Dataset Deletion and User Security Management
  • New Report Portability with our Import Export Utility


  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Ease of Use
  • Improved Data Management
  • Greater Collaboration between EPSi Users
  • Peace of mind with Scheduled Reporting
  • Faster Application Performance Times

    You can inquire with our team about updating your software by clicking here.