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V19.1 brings more power.

May 20, 2019EPSi News

Clients who upgrade their EPSi solutions report
greater benefits and improved performance.

Recent versions have added physician costing, greatly expanded archived encounters capacity, reporting distribution, performance and security enhancements, and much more. The latest version, EPSi 19.1, released May 17, 2019, brings new features that will make your work more valuable and improve ease of use.

In 19.1, we have streamlined costing, added more functionality, and enhanced and added several tools that help you to manage your systems with efficiency.

Below is a quick synopsis of the additions that come along with upgrading to EPSi 19.1.

340B Pharmacy Costing

A new feature to EPSi, Pharmacy Costing simplifies the discount process by identifying 340B eligible charges and applying program discounts in VCC/pharmacy calculations. This improves tracking and auditing for clients under the 340B drug discount program.

Cloud Hosting

Powered by AWS Cloud Services, EPSi can now be hosted in the cloud. An increasingly popular approach, cloud hosting provides clients an opportunity to streamline the costs of on-premise IT maintenance and regularly schedule EPSi system upgrades at a time that works best for them.

Import/Export Report Utility

The Import/Export Utility is an exciting new feature that enables clients to easily share the framework/design of EPSi reports. Reports can now be shared with any compatible version of 18.3 and higher, can be transferred between system environments, and can be shared with other EPSi clients.

New Enhancements

SPB Enhancements
Calculate Day Difference in Reporting
Contract Modeling Designer Enhancements

System Performance

Support for data migration/conversion
Enhancements supporting SQL 2017/TLS 1.2
System Hardening/Performance Improvements

So, why should you upgrade your EPSi investment?

Superior usability, integration with the new RealCost™ applications, the ability to export and import reports, and improved performance, combined with a streamlined implementation process, are just a few of the reasons you should make the move to upgrade.

Contact us today to see how to upgrade your EPSi solutions and upgrade your career.