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NEW: Advanced Analytics delivers powerful BI visualizations to EPSi clients

Dec 3, 2019EPSi News, News

EPSi continues to innovate with our new offering: Advanced Analytics. The new platform provides out of the box business intelligence dashboard visualizations that enable hospital decision-makers to analyze current performance utilizing EPSi’s flexible data model to incorporate a wide range of clinical, financial, and operational data.

 “As EPSi has continued to innovate on our flexible platform, we saw the need to offer new business intelligence capabilities to enable our clients to leverage the rich data in our fully integrated database, which can be further enriched through the use of our Data Extender tool to add even more data to patient records, service lines and more,” said Ralph Keiser, CEO of EPSi. “We will now be able to deliver finished analytics packages, including bundled services and maintenance of the content, data mappings, and visualizations that enable our clients to jumpstart their BI efforts with state-of-the-art technology.”

“EPSi recognizes the trending demand for innovative analytics that can elevate the financial literacy of organizations while also distilling the complexity of financial and clinical data into digestible, actionable insights to drive operational excellence and strategic growth,” said Ryan Self, EPSi’s Vice President of Services. “Through our initial work with our Advanced Analytics partners, we have already seen incredible results in how the tool is engaging and uniting executive leadership, operational managers, and clinical leaders to transform culture and operations.”

The new Advanced Analytics packages are compatible with all core EPSi products on v16.2 and above: Budget Manager, Cost Manager, Product Line Analyst, Strategic Product Budgeting, Capital Budget Manager, and Productivity Manager.

And, the packages make it easy for hospital systems to produce and share sophisticated visualizations and dashboards that tell compelling stories and guide decisionmaking: benchmarking, clinical insights, and productivity are just three of the most popular and persuasive.

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