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Get data-driven operational efficiency with predictive analytics that guide your decisions at the department level.

You can improve operational efficiency at the department level if you have the right data. EPSi is extending into operational improvements with a new offering: Predictive Operational Analytics. We’re partnering with Hospital IQ, a web-based predictive analytics platform that can deliver significant ROI.

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Predictive Operational Analytics: Drive operational efficiency and cut costs.
For hospital systems focused on improving their financial and operational performance, this is a game changer. This module puts the power of predictive analytics at your fingertips, giving you the ability to finally accomplish key performance improvement goals such as surgical workflow optimization and throughput.

With Predictive Operational Analytics, you get the first solution that ensures the hospital’s financial and operations plans are in complete sync. You’ll get continuous feedback on financial objectives, and your hospital capacity management and operations teams will see a steady stream of performance details and have the capability to run “what-if” scenario simulations.

Built from the ground up to improve operations and patient experience, all while meeting finance goals
Now you can align resources with patient demand by systematically optimizing capacity, schedules and staffing across the hospital or the entire network. Incorporate Predictive Operational analytics to:

  • Improve block utilization to account for under or over-utilization on the surgeon, practice or service level.
  • Improve inpatient bed utilization by using statistical patterns to identify the optimal days to schedule additional elective inpatient surgeries, and other ways to add volume without impacting staffing.
  • Reduce wait times by proactively accounting for variability and determining how changes in the total number of inpatient beds, length of stay, and bed turnover times impact wait times and clinical policy.
  • Requires no IT build or on-site installation– the entire solution is cloud-based.
  • Complements EMR strategies, and aggregates data from multiple software systems to make current tools even more valuable.

Our Predictive Operational Analytics solution is cloud-based, requiring no IT build or on-site installation. It complements EMR strategies, and aggregates data from multiple software systems to make current tools even more valuable.

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