Intuitive and in-depth visualizations to smartly manage your business.


Track and analyze your expenses.

Use various data visualizations such as heat maps, tables, and multi-dimensional bar graphs to see, share, track, and manage expenses. Use filters and dashboard actions to change the visualization dynamically.

We’ve raised the bench.

You can leverage a diverse set of benchmarks: build groups of hospitals, group together various markets, regions, and pick different facility sizes so you can evaluate how you perform compared to multiple competitors.

Senior admins can now evaluate “us vs them” inefficiencies, successes and poor performing departments so they can make better operation decisions.

Productivity that integrates within all EPSi applications.

Get productivity data from monthly, bi-monthly and daily visual reports. Compare against benchmarks so you can easily show labor and staffing to ultimately provide the best patient care possible.

Operational excellence without the guesswork.

Identify opportunities for cost savings so you can drive accountability and accelerate transformation.

Find out why you need to, and how you can, transform your health system’s approach to cost containment.


Transformation is more than an industry buzzword. It’s a must for those organizations that intend to succeed. Learn the five key pillars you need to have in place to drive change and take control of your path to success and profitability.