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Budgeting and planning solutions

Budget plans can only be as accurate as the data used to build them. Our sophisticated and flexible tools create the best possible budget process. Your teams can create and manage expenses better with monthly flex budget capabilities. You’ll have reports you can count on when preparing your organization for the future.

Budget Manager:
The industry gold standard in budget planning.

EPSi’s Budget Manager dramatically improves the efficiency and accuracy of financial planning.

Spend smarter with better planning tools.
You deserve the flexibility to budget and forecast based on an unlimited number of statistics. Track variances with the ability to budget by exception using pre-calculated targets and/or flex hours and dollars for each pay period.

Create accurate, comprehensive reports.
You know what you need. Use the Budget Manager to schedule and auto-generate reports like variance analysis and monthly responsibility reports. This detailed reporting tool gives users throughout the organization the ability to analyze and understand complex management data.

Enhance existing information.
Budget Manager keeps budgeting and strategic planning connected, giving users the ability to report actual results against plans. We understand effective financial performance solutions require three components: strategic planning, product line budgeting and capital budgeting. With these pieces in place, you can maintain a real-time view of your strategic plan, market investments, variances and actual performances at the cost center level.

Capital Budget Manager:
More certainty around capital expenses.

Use EPSi’s Capital Budget Manager to take the guesswork out of identifying
the capital investments that will best help to achieve your organization’s goals.

Make your budgeting process more efficient and accurate
With Capital Budget Manager, you can plan for the right mix of capital investments in your portfolio. The flexible workflow allows you to build a custom evaluation process by which to score and rank capital requests.

Be prepared to make the right decisions about high-cost expenditures
You have limited capital funds, so high-cost expenditures need to be ranked and prioritized. Capital Budget Manager gives you the insight into which capital expenses will yield the greatest return for the organization. Now you can know the ROI and NPV of potential capital expenses to guide your decisions.

Strategic Product Budgeting:
Forecast with more accuracy for the long term.

EPSi’s Strategic Product Budgeting solution brings health care budgeting to the next level
by building a more accurate, patient-level forecast and precise operating budget.

Run sophisticated forecasting scenarios.
Accurately anticipate the impact of volumes, revenues, staffing and expenses for specific departments, and forecast using a variety of inputs including facility, product, payer, or physician. Use this unique solution to predict what’s actually going to occur in your organization from next month to five years from now.

Use real data for effective long-range planning.
You’re better prepared for the future when you can refer to real data when making a strategic plan, or operating budget. Strategic Product Budgeting uses historical G/L, payroll and patient data as a baseline. It allows users to define their products down to the CDM level and modify profiles to reflect changes. The system will flex monthly to help analyze utilization, revenue, labor and expense variances.

Integrated reporting
and analytics and multiple data sources, built into every solution.

With any EPSi installation, you’ll benefit from our integrated reporting and analytics tools
and Data Extender capability that pulls from existing databases, allowing you to track and respond to new market conditions.
And you can get the reports you need on any device.

Learn how to make better financial decisions for your entire organization.