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Capital Budget Manager

Use EPSi’s Capital Budget Manager to take the guesswork out of identifying the capital investments that will best help to achieve your organization’s goals.

More certainty around capital expenses. 

Make your budgeting process more efficient and accurate.

With Capital Budget Manager, you can plan for the right mix of capital investments in your portfolio. The flexible workflow allows you to build a custom evaluation process by which to score and rank capital requests.

Be prepared to make the right decisions about high-cost expenditures.

You have limited capital funds, so high-cost expenditures need to be ranked and prioritized. Capital Budget Manager gives you the insight into which capital expenses will yield the greatest return for the organization. Now you can know the ROI and NPV of potential capital expenses to guide your decisions.

Find out why you need to, and how you can, transform your health's system's approach to cost containment.

Transformation is more than an industry buzzword. It’s a must for those organizations that intend to succeed. Learn the five key pillars you need to have in place to drive change and take control of your path to success and profitability.