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Strategic Product Budgeting

Forecast with more accuracy for the long term. EPSi’s Strategic Product Budgeting solution brings health care budgeting to the next level by building a more accurate, patient-level forecast and precise operating budget.

Run sophisticated forecasting scenarios.

Accurately anticipate the impact of volumes, revenues, staffing and expenses for specific departments, and forecast using a variety of inputs including facility, product, payer, or physician. Use this unique solution to predict what’s actually going to occur in your organization from next month to five years from now.

Use real data for effective long-range planning.

You’re better prepared for the future when you can refer to real data when making a strategic plan, or operating budget. Strategic Product Budgeting uses historical G/L, payroll and patient data as a baseline. It allows users to define their products down to the CDM level and modify profiles to reflect changes. The system will flex monthly to help analyze utilization, revenue, labor and expense variances.

Find out why you need to, and how you can, transform your health's system's approach to cost containment.

Transformation is more than an industry buzzword. It’s a must for those organizations that intend to succeed. Learn the five key pillars you need to have in place to drive change and take control of your path to success and profitability.