Ensure a stronger financial future in a value-based care world.

Get the most integrated budgeting, decision support
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Financial decision support solutions

Your unique organization deserves customizable solutions. It’s our job to help your financial analysts succeed, with the most detailed cost accounting reports so you can drive change throughout your organization. Your organizational performance can only be improved when data spans product lines, and actual labor costs can be tracked against plans and external benchmarks. We provide all this on premise, as hosted solutions and soon as a cloud-based platform.

NEW cloud-based Cost Accounting

Built from the ground up on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and delivered as Software as a Service (Saas),
EPSi’s new cloud-based Cost Accounting application is finally here.

The new cloud-based Cost Accounting application, built on the RealCostTM platform, is a cloud-based, highly secure, standalone product that focuses on simplifying workflow throughout the costing process while delivering improved performance, innovative functionality, and advanced analytics for both large and small organizations.

The application adds several new features or advantages to the legacy cost manager application. Key new features include workflow based user interface and updated controllers, patient-level costing, provider costing, embedded analytics and automated reconciliation.

Cost Manager

Get the essential ability to accurately calculate costs for effective decision making.

Optimize your cost management accuracy.
You need a solution that will meet your specific needs. We understand how important it is for you to have the utmost flexibility in costing methodologies. Our solution ensures accuracy in costs reported by procedure, patient, or product line, monthly or YTD. You won’t need to factor in monthly maintenance or manual interventions, or speculate about the accuracy of your cost information.

Gain greater efficiencies.
Distribute detailed, online RVU worksheets to department managers, accounting personnel, or a combination of both, to ensure your RVUs stay up to date efficiently. They can also be updated automatically according to the latest wage rates and direct supply costs, since they’re tied to labor distribution and materials management files.

Create unlimited cost categories.
We allow you to define re-classes, adjustment and allocations across multiple facilities and run multiple overhead and cost allocation scenarios.

Product Line Analyst:
Improve your financial performance across product lines.

Your organization has unique needs across all its product lines and functional areas.
The EPSi Product Line Analyst (PLA) enables you to improve performance in every area.

Improve performance across all product lines.
PLA’s ability to analyze clinical, financial and operational data allows you to assess the effectiveness and cost of every patient care decision, both in- and outpatient. You’ll also be able to measure the effect of these decisions on care quality and financial health. Since EPSi uses a central Microsoft SQL Server® database, our PLA links clinical activity and financial data to support and improve financial initiatives.

Get detailed business analysis.
Your organization is unlike any other, and requires flexible tools to meet your unique needs.

You’ll benefit from the Product Line Designer tool that allows you to distinguish between groups of encounters and develop an unlimited number of product lines defined the way you use them. This tool will help you quickly see impacts to the bottom line.

Get a clear picture of the cost of providing quality clinical care with the Clinical Analysis module. You’ll be able to analyze clinical conditions, tag patients with a code for enterprise reporting and see reports on utilization and profitability at multiple levels.

Use the Contract Modeling tool to employ “what-if” scenarios and test contract adjustments with a virtually unlimited number of terms. This tool calculates expected reimbursements and tracks expected versus actual reimbursements, so you’re always seeing the most accurate information.

Productivity Manager: Get the power to better manage labor costs.

EPSi’s Productivity Manager gives you the power to track actual staffing utilization against the standards agreed
to during budget and planning, and compare to external benchmarks.

Get integrated insights.
We understand how important it is to manage labor costs, which tend to be the biggest single cost to an organization. Recommending the right staffing mix at a given point in time is a complex process. With Productivity Manager, you’ll benefit from native integration of the data with the operational budget and planning process. Combining those insights with a clear comparison against actual labor data will help you make the best decisions.

Track daily productivity reports.
Labor productivity changes constantly. Gain access to vital reports on a daily basis without the need to separately collect data. As an EPSi customer, you’ll see your labor productivity reports side-by-side with supplemental information already in your database.

Integrated reporting
and analytics and multiple data sources, built into every solution.

With any EPSi installation, you’ll benefit from our integrated reporting and analytics tools and Data Extender capability that pulls from existing databases, allowing you to track and respond to new market conditions. And you can get the reports you need on any device.

Learn how to make better financial decisions for your entire organization.