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The future of Cost Accounting is here.

Cost Accounting on the RealCost™ platform from EPSi built on AWS is a SaaS-based, true cloud, highly secure, standalone application that uses the latest technologies to improve usability, functionality, and performance.

Improve your productivity.

The modern, intuitive workflow streamlines your costing process, while summarization, automated reconciliation, provider costing, activity allocation, overhead allocation, and embedded analytics give you the precision and visualizations you need.

A streamlined costing workflow.

Cost Accounting gives you a dramatically improved user interface, the most comprehensive costing methods in the industry, embedded analytics with visualizations, and state-of-the-art cloud computing performance—all at a reduced expense. 

Meet the industry’s smartest safety net.

Map your data accurately with real-time validations. The interface gives you visual alerts that help you identify issues and show you how to remedy them with one click.  All before you summarize your data.

Visualizations that are intuitive and compelling. Finally.

Track and sort average patient and labor costs, unit cost variances, length of stay, case quantities, and more with visuals like heat maps, plot maps, bar graphs, and line graphs

See further. Do things better. Don't look back.
With the new RealCost solutions. 



Actual costs of labor and supplies. Real-time cost analytics. Predictive cost variance alerting.
That's the power of RealCost solutions.

Cost Accounting

Update and streamline the traditional monthly cost accounting process that allocates overhead, calculates activity costs and automates reconciliation.


Rolling Forecast

Supplement your yearly budget with monthly general ledger and payroll forecasting informed by historical trends, actual results and real-time cost analytics at the sub-account level.


Embedded Analytics

Intuitive and in-depth visualizations built into the RealCost platform go a step beyond. Use real-time data and predictive analytics to drive even better decision-making. Embedded Analytics are built directly into the RealCost applications.

What's Ahead

Long-Range Planning
Capital Planning
RealTime Cost



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