Product Line Analyst

Improve your financial performance across product lines.

Your organization has unique needs across all its product lines and functional areas. Product Line Analyst (PLA) enables you to improve performance in every area.


Improve performance across all product lines.

PLA’s ability to analyze clinical, financial and operational data allows you to assess the effectiveness and cost of every patient care decision, both in- and outpatient. You’ll also be able to measure the effect of these decisions on care quality and financial health. Since EPSi uses a central Microsoft SQL Server® database, our PLA links clinical activity and financial data to support and improve financial initiatives.

Get detailed business analysis.

Your organization is unlike any other, and requires flexible tools to meet your unique needs.

You’ll benefit from the Product Line Designer tool that allows you to distinguish between groups of encounters and develop an unlimited number of product lines defined the way you use them. This tool will help you quickly see impacts to the bottom line.

Get a clear picture of the cost of providing quality clinical care with the Clinical Analysis module. You’ll be able to analyze clinical conditions, tag patients with a code for enterprise reporting and see reports on utilization and profitability at multiple levels.

Use the Contract Modeling tool to employ “what-if” scenarios and test contract adjustments with a virtually unlimited number of terms. This tool calculates expected reimbursements and tracks expected versus actual reimbursements, so you’re always seeing the most accurate information.

Find out why you need to, and how you can, transform your health system’s approach to cost containment.


Transformation is more than an industry buzzword. It’s a must for those organizations that intend to succeed. Learn the five key pillars you need to have in place to drive change and take control of your path to success and profitability.