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Productivity Manager

Get the power to better manage labor costs.

EPSi’s Productivity Manager gives you the power to track actual staffing utilization against the standards agreed to during budget and planning, and compare to external benchmarks.

Get integrated insights.

We understand how important it is to manage labor costs, which tend to be the biggest single cost to an organization. Recommending the right staffing mix at a given point in time is a complex process. With Productivity Manager, you’ll benefit from native integration of the data with the operational budget and planning process. Combining those insights with a clear comparison against actual labor data will help you make the best decisions.

Track daily productivity reports.

Labor productivity changes constantly. Gain access to vital reports on a daily basis without the need to separately collect data. As an EPSi customer, you’ll see your labor productivity reports side-by-side with supplemental information already in your database.

Find out why you need to, and how you can, transform your health's system's approach to cost containment.

Transformation is more than an industry buzzword. It’s a must for those organizations that intend to succeed. Learn the five key pillars you need to have in place to drive change and take control of your path to success and profitability.