Ensure a stronger financial future in a value-based care world.

Get the most integrated budgeting, decision support
and long-range planning solutions from a trusted partner.

Integrated reporting and analytics, and multiple data sources, built into every solution.

Enhance every report you create with any EPSi solution, with our integrated reporting and analytics tools, and Data Extender. These included features allow for customization, adding valuable business intelligence insights, and expanded data sources, simply.

Responsive Dashboard - analytics

Reporting and analytics: Easy, actionable reporting.
You can easily customize your reports, without the need for programming, with our integrated reporting features. The added layer of business intelligence takes the guesswork, cost and delay out of how to turn raw data into an actionable report. We offer a wealth of standard reports, available for your immediate use.

Data Extender: Use data from multiple sources.
You can respond quickly to the changing dynamics of healthcare by consuming data from any number of external sources to yield valuable insights. When you combine external clinical information with the detailed financial information in EPSi, you are better equipped to make population health and value-based care decisions. With EPSi’s Data Extender capability, you can easily expand reporting by calling upon existing databases to address currently unknown needs and track and respond to new market conditions.

Mobile Performance Visualization: Your reports, on any device.
EPSi’s Mobile Performance Visualization (MPV) solution saves you money and time, making reports available on any device.

Get the details you want.
You need more than data anomalies to make the smartest recommendations. WIth MPV’s drill-down functionality, you can research details at the activity or encounter level to get greater insights.

Add functionality to existing reports.
MPV can add dynamic graphics to your cube reports to better highlight financial, operational and clinical data trends. It’s extremely user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible to all. You’ll see exactly what your screen and print output will look like as you build the report.

Keep up on the go.
MPV’s HTML5 technology keeps all your budget, profit analysis, costing, utilization and productivity reports at your fingertips, on any device.

Learn how to make better financial decisions for your entire organization.