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V18.3, the latest upgrade from EPSi

Dec 17, 2018EPSi News

Import and export reports, integrate with the new RealCost Cost Accounting, easily report off professional costs, improve your ability to report payroll for long term planning/budgeting, and get increased performance with more robust archiving.

The new upgrade from EPSi delivers a number of functional and performance improvements.

Import/export reporting utility: This new utility allows you to share the best reports you have developed. For inspiration on effective ways to use this, you can log in to ClientConnect and see what reports your peers in other organizations are making. Imagine taking an EPSi-led centralized training course in the Client Collaboration Center and taking all the reports you developed in class back to your organization. Now you can.

Integration with the new cloud-based Cost Accounting application on the RealCost platform:This feature gives you a seamless user experience between PLA and the cloud-based Cost Accounting application.

Easily stamp professional activity codes back to PLA: This brings professional costing full circle and allows you to easily report off the professional costs with your current reconciliation.

Enhanced payroll for LT planning/budgeting: You can better manage your payroll budget and expenses with the ability to calculate your direct payroll dollars using budgeted utilization and budget per unit costs.

Better performance from ability to load more tables into archived encounters: This not only improves the integrity of your archived data by updating patient records accordingly, it gives you improved performance and run times throughout the application because the software is managing so much less data.

EPSi clients can find production documentation for v18.3, including Feature Guides and Release Notes, on Client Connect within the product documentation portal.