Commit to industry-leading decision support solutions.

With EPSi, complications and obstructions give way to clear and decisive actions.

Fight back with a more comprehensive view of clinical, operational and financial data.

Healthcare is a tough business to be in these days. Financial pressures are forcing hospitals and systems to make tough decisions. Without the right data—from all your sources—every decision you make will only bring more questions.

With EPSi, you can use all your disconnected data sources to make more informed decisions that will give you a competitive advantage. Bring us your disparate data sources and complex financial reporting needs, and we will deliver unmatched reporting that supports decision making to lower costs and improve your organization’s financial health.

Solutions to help you meet changing market requirements.

EPSi-Value Based Care

Value-Based Care

Track a wide variety of quality measures and optimize margins after the switch from volume to value by measuring and monitoring results.

EPSi - Bundled Payments

Bundled Payments

Accurately assess the entire episode of care by tracking costs.

EPSi - Accountable Care

Accountable Care

Better manage changing reimbursements by better understanding what it’s costing you to manage patient populations.

EPSi Continuum of Care

Continuum Of Care

Understand the true costs and opportunities for improvement by incorporating and integrating physician and ambulatory data into hospital data across entire episodes of care.

#1 in Blackbook for Business Decision Support

EPSi has always been a leader in budgeting and financial decision support, with robust features and functionality no other solution can deliver. Now we’re building on that foundation with enhanced fundamentals behind our core products so you can do more with increasingly complex data sources.

You don’t work in silos. So neither do we.

EPSi is the right partner with decades of experience and a deep understanding of what’s necessary to provide the most actionable insights to your entire organization. Insights that go beyond the finance department to end users in departments throughout your system.

More mature, robust system

EPSi has the maturity to go deeper in complex costing capability. As our established base knows, EPSi delivers deeper insights over the long term to large, sophisticated organizations.

Custom, flexible analytics

You can customize and modify the data architecture based on your reporting needs. With our solution, you can flex your budget each month to true up actuals vs. plan.

Expandable patient data

With EPSi, your database is structured so you can attach hundreds of fields to a patient record, giving you the capacity for deeper analysis around patient data and greater report customization.

Fully integrated

With everything running on a single architecture, you’ll be able to disseminate inclusive information to everyone who needs to make decisions affecting financial and clinical outcomes.

Reporting and analytics, included

As an integrated platform running on SQL Server, EPSi modules include all Microsoft BI tools, powerful reporting, dashboards and analytics.

Standardized methodology

You need to integrate and analyze data from many sources and systems. Our implementation methodology is complete, fixed-price and fully integrated. No surprises. No add-on costs.

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